International Summer Training Registration

International Summer Training Registration

Register here by June 14

There are now 2 video trainings offered in the North Central Valley, a 10 day and a 6 day training. The 6 day training will be held from June 29 – July 3 and will follow the same schedule as the LSM training. There is NO PART TIME for 6 day training. The 10 day training will be held from June 20 – July 9 and will have only 1 message a day, except on the week-end. Part time is allowed for 10 day training.

1) If you already registered before June 11, you must RE-REGISTER!

2) For Chinese speaking, there is another schedule. Please see Vincent Lin for details

3) There is no “seat sharing” for either training. Each one attending must register separately and pay the full registration fee. There will be attendance taken based on either full-time or part-time schedule.

4) Registration cost is $100 per person. Pay by Zelle or electronically through your bank’s bill pay feature. The Church in Davis’ Zelle ID:

5) Deadline to register is June 14

Register here by June 14

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