2020 Online Central Valley Summer School of the Truth

2020 Online Central Valley Summer School of the Truth

We would like to inform you that the Central Valley SST this year will be held online via Zoom. The dates will fall on 7/15-7/30. The curriculum and meeting schedule are still being finalized. In general, there will be an evening meeting (2 hours) on weekdays and two meetings (4 hours) during the day on weekends. We will make an announcement soon regarding the schedule.

Please click on the links below to register. More fellowship and details will follow. Thank you.

Date: 7/15-7/30
Place: Virtual meetings via Zoom
Deadline: 6/7 (early registration); 6/14 (final, firm deadline; additional $20)
Cost: $50 (for lesson book, T-shirt, award plaque, etc.)

Registration for YP

Registration for Serving ones

At the moment, we ask that at least one parent/guardian of each YP to sign up to serve minimum 2 hours on each weekday evening and 4 hours on every Saturday and Lord’s Day. We also need more saints other than parent/guardian to sign up to care for the Lord’s future.

May the Lord bless our labor to care for His interest on earth. May the God of ALL grace strengthen and establish us for His purpose (1 Peter 5:10).

SST Serving Ones Resource Page

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