2 Week Call to Prayer

2 Week Call to Prayer

We would like to sound the call to all the saints in the church in Davis to join with the churches in Northern California to sanctify the next two weeks—from Tuesday, March 24, through Monday, April 6, 2020—as a special time of prayer in response to the unprecedented changes in the world situation due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

As we know that the primary function of the church is to pray for God’s will in the heavens to be carried out on the earth; furthermore, all the blessings that we have received as believers are for the church to fulfill her function of prayer.  Recently, brother Minoru, the responsible  brothers in NorCAL, and indeed all of us, are strongly burdened that the church should fulfill her prayer ministry to match Christ’s intercession in His heavenly ministry, so that God’s will can be done on earth at this critical time. 

As such, we strongly encourage the saints to do the following:

Sign Up—Sign up at http://tiny.cc/norcal-prayer-signup to schedule your daily and weekly prayer times for the next two weeks:

Personal PrayerSchedule a fixed time to pray personally to the Lord for 15 minutes or more each day

Prayer with CompanionsSchedule weekly times to pray with companions for 15 minutes or more each time

Prayer ItemsUse the list of prayer items given by Brother Minoru, and the following lists are provided as practical help to our prayer exercise in these two weeks

For English: 20200324 NorCal Prayer (English)

For other languages and future updates  http://norcalchurches.org/norcal-prayer/

May the Lord richly elevate the church in Davis’ prayer ministry and function at this critical time for His universal administration. Amen.

The Coordinating Brothers in Davis

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