Truth Pursuit

Truth Pursuit

 Current HWMR – 2019 ITERO – “The One New Man Fulfilling God’s Purpose in Creating Man ” 

Jan 13 – 19: Week 3 – The Creation and the Bringing Forth of the One New Man 

Jan 20 – 25:  STARTING  NEW HWMR FROM THANKSGIVING CONFERENCE – Knowing and Experiencing the All-Inclusive, Extensive Christ

Jan 20 – 25: Week 1 – The Will of God Concerning the All-Inclusive, Extensive Christ 

HWMR – 2019 Thanksgiving Conference

Life-Study Reading – The Gospel of Matthew

  • Jan 13 – 19: Messages 39-40
  • Jan 20 – 26:  Messages 41-42

Questions for Study (click here)

Current Feast

2019 Winter Training  (Crystallization of Deuteronomy)    (All messages from conferences and trainings are available online at for $1 a message for audio)

Other timely books to read

  • The Experience of Christ  (Witness Lee)
  • Taking Christ as Our Person for the Church Life (Witness Lee)
  • The Importance of Living Christ by Walking According to the Spirit (Witness Lee)
  • The Operation of God and the Anointing (Witness Lee)

Online Bible and Life-study reading schedule

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