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Feed me Lord Jesus, Give me to Drink

Looking up at the clock, it is ten o’clock in the evening, Friday the 13th. It has been a long day but nothing unusual. After answering the last message from patients, I locked the door, walking out whistling my tune du jour, “Feed me Lord Jesus, give me to drink” “Doc, I noticed that you always praise the Lord by whistling, ” nearby custodian Joanne noted. What she does not know is that the words of God, hymns and prayers of praises are both my enjoyment and my survival tools.

These days, the job load of a consulting gastroenterologist (stomach doctor) is heavy and the life is often hectic. The uninterrupted flow of scheduled patients, the incessant request of “squeezing in yet another urgent patient”, and the ever-increasing demand of paper work hardly allow a moment to breathe. The constant ringing of the phone alone can drive me crazy. With my special interest in cancer patients, the psychological stress of counseling also takes its toll. In addition, the political aspect of medical practice always threatens to perturb one’s inner tranquillity.

My daily activity starts with prayers in the shower. Reading Bible verses before starting the engine permits me to recite verses all the way to work without taking my eyes off the road. By the time I leave my car, there is enough deposit that I can draw on for the rest of my day. Periodic discussions with other doctors about God, testimonies from inspired patients on their personal salvation constitute other sources of my spiritual diet. For witnessing, reciting a verse memorized earlier to patients on my hospital round often does wonders in soothing their aches and pains, certainly a great deal more nourishing than hospital food, even more so to the one who dishes them out, me.

Praise be to God. His steady supply of spiritual diet keeps me fed and His stream of living water keeps me watered that, at the end of the day, I have enough vigor and sufficiently moist lips to whistle His tune (John 6:57-58; 7:37-38).


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